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11363: Chlamydia/ N.gonorrhoeae Rna, Tma, Urogenital Print View
CtrachomatisRNA,TMA,Urog TMA  Not detected   
NgonorrhoeaeRNA,TMA,Urog TMA  Not detected   

1 PreservCyt(ThinPrep) 1 (1) mL   Refrigerated - 30 Day(s)/Room Temperature - 14 Day(s)  
  Vaginal (Aptima Vag Swb)   Room Temperature - 60 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 60 Day(s)/Frozen - 12 Month(s)  
  Urine (Aptima Transport)   Room Temperature - 30 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 30 Day(s)/Frozen - 12 Month(s)  
  Urethr Swb(Aptima Unisex)   Room Temperature - 60 Day(s)/Frozen - 6 Month(s)/Refrigerated - 60 Day(s)  
  SurePath Preserv Fluid   Refrigerated - 14 Day(s)/Room Temperature - 14 Day(s)  
  Swab - Endocervical   Frozen - 12 Month(s)/Room Temperature - 60 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 60 Day(s)  

To screen for the infection with Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis in endocervical and urethral swabs or urine from men and women.

Labs performing cytology: Aliquot PreservCyt(R) or SurePath(R)
solution before performance of liquid based cytology testing.

PreservCyt(R): Transfer 1 mL of PreservCyt solution into APTIMA(R)
Specimen Transfer tube (green label) or APTIMA(R) Vaginal Collection
or Multi-Test Collection (orange label). Ship to lab.

SurePath(R): SurePath(R) fluid must be transferred to APTIMA(R)
STM within 4 days of collection. Transfer 0.5 mL of SurePath(R)
preservative fluid to APTIMA(R) Specimen Transfer tube (green label)
or APTIMA(R) Vaginal Collection or Multi-Test Collection (orange
label) ship to lab.

Endocervical or urethral swabs: Follow instructions in the APTIMA(R)
Combo 2 assay unisex swab specimen collection kit. In females, to
insure collection of cells infected with C. trachomatis, columnar
epithelial cells lining the endocervix should be obtained. To that
effect, excess mucus should be removed prior to sampling.

Vaginal swabs: Follow instructions in the APTIMA(R) combo 2 assay
Vaginal Swab Collection or Multi-Test Collection Kit.

Urine: Patient should not have urinated within one hour prior to
collection. Female patients should not cleanse the labial area prior
to providing the specimen. Direct patient to provide a first-catch
urine (a maximum of 20-30 mL of the initial urine stream) into a urine
collection cup free of any preservatives. 2 mL of urine specimen must
be transferred into the APTIMA(R) specimen transport within 24 hours
of collection and before being assayed. Use tube provided in the urine
specimen collection kit for urine specimens. The fluid (urine plus
transport media) level in the urine transport tube must fall within
the clear pane on the tube label.
Setup Schedule

Reported (Analytical Time)
Same day

CPT Codes

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Tranport Container: APTIMA(R) transport tube
Transport Temperature: Room temperature
Methodology: Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA)
Acceptable Specimen: Aptima Vaginal Collection or Multi-Test Collection

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