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19550: Sureswab, Trichomonas Vaginalis Rna, Qualitative Tma Print View
T. vaginalis RNA, QL, TMA TMA  Not detected   

1 Vaginal (Aptima Vag Swb) 3 (2) mL   Room Temperature - 60 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 60 Day(s)/Frozen - 6 Month(s)  
  Urine (Aptima Transport)   Frozen - 6 Month(s)/Room Temperature - 30 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 30 Day(s)  
  APTIMA (Unisex Swab)   Room Temperature - 14 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 14 Day(s)/Frozen - 30 Day(s)  
  Endocervical-AptimaUnisex   Refrigerated - 60 Day(s)/Room Temperature - 60 Day(s)/Frozen - 6 Month(s)  
  Urine   Refrigerated - 24 Hour(s)/Room Temperature - 24 Hour(s)  

This test is used to detect Trichomonas vaginalis in clinical specimens. The test has greater analytical sensitivity than culture methods.

Follow the instructions provided in the Aptima Vaginal
Collection or Multi-test Collection Tube (orange label). Remove
the swab from the packaging and insert the swab into the vagina about
two inches inside the opening. Gently rotate for 10 to 30 seconds,
making sure that the swab touches the wall of the vagina so that
moisture is absorbed by the swab. Withdraw the swab
without touching the skin. Immediately place the swab into
the transport tube so that the tip of the swab is visible
below the tube label. Carefully break the swab shaft at the
score line against the side of the tube and discard the top
portion of the swab shaft. Tightly screw the cap onto the

Samples containing heparin, samples in leaking, uncapped
or broken containers, samples QNS or exceeding stability
will be rejected.

Avoid Freeze/Thaw of collected samples.

Endocervical swab specimens: Follow the instructions provided in
the Aptima Unisex Swab Collection Kit.
Remove excess mucus from the cervical os and surrounding
mucosa using the cleaning swab (white shaft swab in the package
with red printing). Discard this swab. Note: To remove excess
mucus from the cervical os, a large-tipped swab (not provided)
may be used. Insert the specimen collection swab (blue shaft swab
in the package with the green printing) into the endocervical canal.
Gently rotate the swab clockwise for 10 to 30 seconds in the
endocervical canal to ensure adequate sampling. Withdraw the
swab carefully; avoid any contact with the vaginal mucosa.
Remove the cap from the swab specimen transport tube and
immediately place the specimen collection swab into the transport
tube. Carefully break the swab shaft against the side of the tube at
the scoreline and discard the top portion of the swab shaft; use care
to avoid splashing of contents. Re-cap the swab specimen transport
tube tightly.

Urine (unprocessed): ship ambient or refrigerated to arrive
24 ho
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Reported (Analytical Time)
Same day

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