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231: Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes Print View
Alkaline Phosphatase ES    U/L 
Intestine Isoenzyme ES    % 
Bone Isoenzyme ES    % 
Liver Isoenzyme ES    % 
Placental Isoenzyme ES    % 
Macrohepatic Isoenzymes ES    % 

1 Serum 2 (1) mL   Refrigerated - 21 Day(s)/Frozen - 21 Day(s)/Room Temperature - 7 Day(s)  

Used to evaluate the contribution of various ALP isoforms -- derived from liver, gallbladder, bone, lung, leukocyte, fetal-derived tissue, small bowel and large bowel -- to total ALP. Bone isoenzyme is elevated in growing children, adults over 50 years of age, during bone healing, in Paget disease, renal rickets, bone cancer, osteomalacia, celiac sprue, and in the course of some drug treatment (e.g. Cyclosporine). Decreased levels of bone isoenzyme can be seen in children with cretinism or hypophosphatemia, and in patients with decreased bone deposition, e.g. systemic steroid treatment. Liver isoenzyme is most often elevated when total ALP levels are elevated, i.e. in the following conditions: acute hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, drug induced liver disease, obstruction of biliary flow by carcinoma at the head of the pancreas, bile duct stricture, primary biliary cirrhosis, and metastatic carcinoma of the liver. Intestinal ALP is normally higher in patients with B or O blood types, especially after a fatty meal. Pathological elevations are seen in perforation of the bowel, ulcerative disease of the intestine, faintly in liver cirrhosis, and in persons with Gilbert syndrome. Placental ALP is a heat-stable isoform, and is found in the circulation during pregnancy. Carcinoplacental or Regan isoenzyme is essentially identical with the placental isoform, and is seen in malignancies. Nagao isoenzyme is a placental-like isoform that is produced in certain types of cancer, such as metastatic carcinomatosis of the pleura.
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CPT Codes: 84080, 84075. See also Alkaline Phosphatase Bone-specific, #29498
Transport Temperature: Room temperature
Methodology: Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometry

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