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26382: Sickle Cell Anemia, Dna Probe Analysis, Fetus Print View
Sickle Cell Anemia PCR     
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1 Amniotic Fluid 20 (10) mL   Room Temperature - 48 Hour(s)  
  Chorionic Villus Specimen   Room Temperature - 48 Hour(s)  
  Amniocyte Cult T25 Flask   Room Temperature - 48 Hour(s)  

Direct detection of hemoglobin A, S, and C. This test is most useful for prenatal diagnosis of an at-risk fetus. This test can also be used for diagnosis of a symptomatic patient or carrier testing for a healthy adult. Obtain genetic testing center (GTC) requisition from your local Quest Diagnostics laboratory. Fill out all requested information. Failure to use the GTC requisition will delay test results.

Amniotic Fluid: Collect 10-20 cc of amniotic fluid in a
sterile plastic container.
See Genetics Specimen Collection (Cytogenetics, Chromosome
Studies) Section for detailed specimen instructions.

Chorionic Villus Sample (CVS): Collect 15-30 mg of chorionic
villi in a sterile container. Add 2-3 mL of sterile saline or
tissue culture medium.

Cultured Cells: Ship two 100% confluent T-25 flasks filled with
growth media. Ship at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or
freeze. Call lab for additional requirements for prenatal

Indicate source of cells: Amniotic Fluid (AF) or Chorionic Villus
Sample (CVS).

Please order test code A51051, Maternal Cell Contamination Study
[10262N], STR Analysis with this test. A separate tube of maternal
blood (EDTA) must be drawn in order to rule out maternal
contamination of the fetal sample.
Setup Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday

Reported (Analytical Time)
7-35 days

**This test is not available for New York patient testing**
Specimen Requirements:
20 mL (10 mL minimum) amniotic fluid collected in a sterile transport tube 30 mg (15 mg minimum) direct chorionic villus sampling 20 mL (10 mL minimum) amniotic fluid collected in each of two separate T-25 flasks 20 mL (10 mL minimum) cultured cells collected in each of two separate T-25 flasks
Specimen Stability: Refrigerated; Unacceptable Frozen; Unaccepatble
Transport Temperature: Room temperature
Set up: As needed, minimum 2 times per week
Methodology: Polymerase Chain Reaction

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