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94528: Drug Monitoring, Antipsychotics, with Confirmation, Urine Print View
Aripiprazole LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Aripiprazole confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 2.0  ng/mL 
Hydroxyaripiprazole LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Hydroxyaripiprazole conf LC/MS/MS  < 10  ng/mL 
Chlorpromazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Chlorpromazine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 10  ng/mL 
7-OH-chlorpromazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
7-OH-chlorpromazine conf LC/MS/MS  < 10  ng/mL 
Clozapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Clozapine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 25  ng/mL 
Norclozapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Norclozapine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 25  ng/mL 
Fluphenazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Fluphenazine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 1.0  ng/mL 
7-OH-fluphenazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
7-OH-fluphenazine conf LC/MS/MS  < 1.0  ng/mL 
Haloperidol LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Haloperidol confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 1.0  ng/mL 
Loxapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Loxapine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 5.0  ng/mL 
8-Hydroxyloxapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
8-Hydroxyloxapine conf LC/MS/MS  < 5.0  ng/mL 
Mesoridazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Mesoridazine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 10  ng/mL 
Molindone LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Molindone confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 2.5  ng/mL 
Olanzapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Olanzapine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 2.5  ng/mL 
Desmethylolanzapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Desmethylolanzapine conf LC/MS/MS  < 2.5  ng/mL 
Quetiapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Quetiapine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 10  ng/mL 
Norquetiapine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Norquetiapine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 10  ng/mL 
Risperidone LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Risperidone confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 5.0  ng/mL 
OH-risperidone LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
OH-risperidone confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 5.0  ng/mL 
Thioridazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Thioridazine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 50  ng/mL 
Thiothixene LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Thiothixene confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 2.0  ng/mL 
Trifluoperazine LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Trifluoperazine confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 2.0  ng/mL 
Ziprasidone LC/MS/MS    ng/mL 
Ziprasidone confirmation LC/MS/MS  < 2.0  ng/mL 

1 Urine 1 (0.5) mL   Room Temperature - 5 Day(s)/Refrigerated - 14 Day(s)/Frozen - 30 Day(s)  

Antipsychotic (AP) drugs are widely prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis. The so-called first generation or typical APs were developed in the 1950s and show severe side-effects such as extrapyramidal symptoms due to their pharmacological action on d2 and d4 receptors. As a measure of reducing these severe side-effects, a range of 'second generation' APs were developed. These newer generation drugs act considerably less on d2 and d4 receptors and therefore exhibit less extrapyramidal side-effects. Over the last decade, the prescription rate of APs (more notably second generation) has increased worldwide, [1-3] especially among young adults and children [1-4]. However, second generation APs are not entirely free of side-effects. Irrespective of their generation, it has been shown that these drugs can increase the risk of sudden cardiac death with studies showing that the risk of sudden cardiac death is increased threefold among patients treated with APs.
Setup Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Reported (Analytical Time)
Same day

CPT Code

The CPT codes provided are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Please direct any questions regarding coding to the payer being billed.

Transport Temperature: Room temperature
Transport Container: Clinical Drug Test Transport Vial or Urine Collection Container
Reject Criteria: Preserved Urine
Methodology: Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Specimen Requirements: random urine collected in a clinical drug test vial or urine collection conatiner If screening drug class result is equal to or greater than the cutoff, then confirmation testing will be performed at an additional cost (CPT code(s): 80342 or 80343 or 80344).

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