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This is a sendout test. Please note that turnaround time is defined as the anticipated time from set up day to results release.
S52159: Cellsearch(r) Circulating Tumor Cells, Prostate [16812] Print View
CellSearch(R), Prostate      

1 WB CellSave(TM) Pres Tube 10 (7.5) mL   Room Temperature - 4 Day(s)  

This test can detect the presence of cirulating tumor cells (CTC) in the peripheral blood of patients with metastatic breast cancer, colorectal or prostate cancer in patients. A count of 5 CTC or more in breast and prostate cancers and 3 CTC or more in colon cancer in 7.5 mL of blood is predictive of shorter progression free survival and overall survival. Physicians can draw samples prior to a new line of therapy for baseline prediction. Physicians can also draw samples at the first follow-up visit for evaluating response to therapy. The Veridex CellSearch System is the only semi-automated system designed to standardize and optimize the measurement of CTC in peripheral blood, this test is also the only FDA approved kit for CTC detection.

1. Draw at least one CellSave(TM) 10 mL tube. It is highly
recommended that two 10 mL tubes be drawn due to the possibility
of a repeat due to carry over or system malfunction.
2. Collect blood aseptically by venipuncture or from a venous port
into a CellSave(TM) Preservative Tube only. Circulating tumor
cells (CTC) are fragile and require preservation for accurate
3. Fill the tube until blood flow stops to ensure the correct ratio
of sample to anticoagulant and preservative. Immediately mix
by gently inverting the tube eight times. Tube inversion prevents
clotting. Inadequate or delayed mixing may result in inaccurate
test results.
4. Process samples within 96 hours of collection.
5. Blood samples may be stored or transported in CellSave(TM)
Preservative Tubes for up to 96 hours at room temperature
(15 to 30C) prior to processing.
Draw date and time must be provided with the whole blood specimen
Draw samples prior to intravenous therapy. After initiation of
therapy, blood can be drawn at the first follow-up visit, which
is usually 3-4 weeks after initiation of therapy. If the patient
is on doxorubicin therapy, allow at least 7 days following
administration of a dose of therapy before blood draw.
Setup Schedule

Reported (Analytical Time)
3 days

CPT Codes

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METHODOLOGY: Veridex CellSearch(TM)

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