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S51410 11-deoxycortisol, Lc/ms/ms, Serum [30543x]  
91455 14-3-3 Eta Protein  
S50719 14-3-3 Protein, Csf  
11194 14-3-3 Protein, Spinal Fluid (p1433)  
S48561 17-hydroxycorticosteroids With Creatinine 24-hr Urn [15202x]  
S51299 17-hydroxypregnenolone [8352x]  
17180 17-hydroxyprogesterone, Lc/ms/ms  
S48560 17-ketosteroids With Creatinine, 24-hr Urine [15201x]  
S51289 17-oh-progesterone, Neonatal [17654x]  
94621 18-hydroxycorticosterone  
93958 2,3-dinor-11beta-prostaglandin F2 Alpha, Urine [23bpg]  
S51345 21-hydroxylase Antibody [37916x]  
92208 3a-androstanediol Glucuronide, Elisa  
671 5' Nucleotidase  
39625 5-hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-hiaa), 24-hr Urn W/ Creatinine  
1648 5-hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (5-hiaa), Random Urine  
4494UR 6-acetylmorphine (6-am) Urine Accuquant  
38766 Abalone (f346) Ige**  
S51337 Abl Kinase Domain Mutation In Cml, Plasma-based [16031x]  
S52361 Abl T315i Mutation In Cml, Cell Based [19783x]  
2519 Acacia (t19) Ige  
S49567 Acanthamoeba Culture [52070]  
23865 Acarus Siro (d70) Ige  
16924 Accutype(r) Cp, Clopidogrel Cyp2c19 Genotype  
16925 Accutype(r) Cp, Clopidogrel Cyp2c19 Genotype (ny)  
S52417 Accutype(r) Il28b [90251]  
91416 Accutype(r) Ribavirin (itpa)  
16160 Accutype(r) Warfarin  
201 Acetaminophen  
S41710 Acetone Blood [205]  
S49667 Acetone, Serum/plasma [0080sp]  
94489 Acetyl Fentanyl, Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord Tissue [52349uc]  
91830 Acetyl Fentanyl, Qualitative, Blood  
91831 Acetyl Fentanyl, Qualitative, Serum Or Plasma  
91829 Acetyl Fentanyl, Qualitative, Urine  
206 Acetylcholine Receptor Binding Antibody  
34459 Acetylcholine Receptor Blocking Antibody  
93881 Acetylcholine Receptor Ganglionic (alpha 3) Antibody  
26474 Acetylcholine Receptor Modulating Antibody  
9309 Acetylcholinesterase & Fetal Hemoglobin (ny)  
S42485 Acetylcholinesterase [84897n]  
S51405 Achondroplasia Mutation Analysis [16061x]  
5320 Acif-fast Bacilli Stain  
3301 Acremonium Kiliense (c. Acremonium)(m202) Ige  
93380 Acth (rc206) Ige**  
3102 Acth, Plasma  
15043 Actin (smooth Muscle) Antibody (igg)  
22 Activated Protein C Resistance [22]  
19704 Activated Protein C Resistance With Rflx To Factor V (leiden  
S52593 Acyclovir, Serum/plasma (0158sp)  
S51287 Acylcarnitines, Plasma [14531]  
S47310 Acylglycines Quantitative, Urine [81249]  
36294 Adalimumab Anti-drug Antibody For Ibd  
36295 Adalimumab Anti-drug Antibody For Rheumatic Diseases  
36297 Adalimumab Level And Anti-drug Ab For Rheumatic Diseases  
36296 Adalimumab Level And Anti-drug Antibody For Ibd  
36298 Adalimumab Level For Ibd  
36299 Adalimumab Level For Rheumatic Diseases  
14532 Adamts13 Activity With Reflex To Inhibitor  
17696 Adenosine Deaminase, Pleural Fluid  
38409 Adenosine, Deaminase, Blood  
S50095 Adenovirus Ab [40100]  
2509 Adenovirus Ag Detection  
8538 Adenovirus Antibody, Csf  
S51523 Adenovirus Dna, Qual, Real-time Pcr [46990]  
S51524 Adenovirus Dna, Quantitative Real-time Pcr [46995]  
S50802 Adiponectin (15060x)  
94153 Adma/sdma  
93063 Admark(r) Psen1 Dna Sequencing Test  
10642 Admark(r)apoe Genotype Anal. And Interp. (symptomatic) [109]  
1130 Adrenal Total Autoantibodies  
21799 Advance Beneficiary Notice  
94220 Advanced Lipid Panel With Inflammation, Cardio Iq(r)  
92145 Advanced Lipid Panel, Cardio Iq(r)  
91567 Aerobic Identification 1  
92258 Aerobic Identification 2  
92278 Aerobic Identification 3  
92279 Aerobic Identification 4  
90830 Aerobic Mic 1  
92259 Aerobic Mic 2  
92280 Aerobic Mic 3  
92281 Aerobic Mic 4  
S48514 Aerobic Susceptability: Nystatin Mic [51610]  
S49101 Aerobic Susceptibility, Nocardia Species: Linezolid Mic  
S49148 Aerobic Susceptibility: Gatifloxacin Mic  
S49100 Aerobic Susceptibility: Bacitracin Mic  
S49111 Aerobic Susceptibility: Colistin Mic  
S48647 Aerobic Susceptibility: Custom-drug Meropenem  
S49147 Aerobic Susceptibility: Moxifloxacin Mic  
S49571 Aerobic Susceptibility: Netilmicin  
S51327 Aerobic Susceptibility: Tigecycline Mic  
17460 Aeromonas And Plesiomonas Culture, Stool  
2417 Afb Culture  
2935 Afb Identification By Dna Probe [gen Probe]  
2939 Afb Identification By Dna Probe [gen Probe] W/reflex Hplc  
5648 Afb Identification Mycobacterium Spp. By Hplc  
5659 Afb Suscept: Mai Complex (mac) By Agar Proportion Method  
5653 Afb Suscept: Other Mycobacterium Spp. By Agar Proportion  
S51260 Afb Susceptibiliy-d-cycloserine [51200]  
1347 Alanine Aminotransferase (alt)  
223 Albumin  
224 Albumin, Csf  
S51842 Albumin, Pericardial Fluid [17411x]  
S51841 Albumin, Peritoneal Fluid [17412x]  
S51843 Albumin, Pleural Fluid [17413x]  
S51840 Albumin, Synovial Fluid [17646x]  
4102 Alcohol, Ethyl Serum  
4102U Alcohol, Ethyl Urine  
2502 Alder (t2) Ige  
227 Aldolase  
19552 Aldosterone, 24-hour Urine  
95084 Aldosterone, Adrenal Vein  
17181 Aldosterone, Lc/ms/ms  
16845 Aldosterone/plasma Renin Activity Ratio, Lc/ms/ms  
234 Alkaline Phosphatase  
231 Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes  
29498 Alkaline Phosphatase, Bone Specific  
D70G Allergen - Acarus Siro Igg  
F20G Allergen - Almond Igg  
F76G Allergen - Alpha Lactalbumin Igg  
F49G Allergen - Apple Igg  
S51934 Allergen - Aspergillus Flavus Ige [191010e]  
M3G Allergen - Aspergillus Fumigatus Igg  
M207G Allergen - Aspergillus Niger Igg  
M12G Allergen - Aureobasidium Pullulans Igg  
F96G Allergen - Avocado Igg  
F92G Allergen - Banana Igg  
F6G Allergen - Barley (food) Igg  
F27G Allergen - Beef Igg  
G2G Allergen - Bermuda Grass Igg  
F77G Allergen - Beta Lactoglobulin Igg  
RF288G Allergen - Blueberry Igg  
F260G Allergen - Broccoli Igg  
RE204G Allergen - Bsa (bovine Serum Albumin) Igg  
F216G Allergen - Cabbage Igg  
F93G Allergen - Cacao (chocolate) Igg  
F31G Allergen - Carrot Igg  
F202G Allergen - Cashew Nut Igg  
E1G Allergen - Cat Epithelium/dander Igg  
RT212G Allergen - Cedar Igg  
S51946 Allergen - Cedar Red Ige [68110e]  
F85G Allergen - Celery Igg  
F81G Allergen - Cheese, Cheddar Type Igg  
F82G Allergen - Cheese, Mold Type Igg  
F83G Allergen - Chicken Meat Igg  
S51975 Allergen - Cinnamon Igg [45920]  
M2G Allergen - Cladosporium Herbarum Igg  
S52016 Allergen - Clam Igg [50820]  
F3G Allergen - Codfish Igg  
RF221G Allergen - Coffee Igg  
T14G Allergen - Cottonwood Igg  
F2G Allergen - Cow Milk Igg  
F23G Allergen - Crab Igg  
D1G Allergen - Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus Igg  
E5G Allergen - Dog Dander Igg  
S51935 Allergen - Dog Fennel Ige [74610e]  
F245G Allergen - Egg (yolk & White) Igg  
T8G Allergen - Elm Igg  
W3G Allergen - Giant Ragweed Igg  
F79G Allergen - Gluten Igg  
RF300G Allergen - Goat Milk Igg  
F259G Allergen - Grape Igg  
RF303G Allergen - Halibut Igg  
F17G Allergen - Hazel Nut Igg  
H1G Allergen - House Dust-greer Igg  
H2G Allergen - House Dust-hollister Stier Igg  
F84G Allergen - Kiwi Fruit Igg  
F215G Allergen - Lettuce Igg  
F80G Allergen - Lobster Igg  
S51920 Allergen - Maple Red Ige [64510s]  
F87G Allergen - Melon Igg  
T7G Allergen - Oak Igg  
F7G Allergen - Oat Igg  
F48G Allergen - Onion Igg  
F33G Allergen - Orange Igg  
S52158 Allergen - Oyster Igg [43120]  
F12G Allergen - Pea Igg  
F13G Allergen - Peanut Igg  
T22G Allergen - Pecan (hickory) Igg  
M1G Allergen - Penicillium Chrysogenum Igg  
RM209G Allergen - Penicillium Frequentans Igg  
W14G Allergen - Pigweed Igg  
F210G Allergen - Pineapple Igg  
F203G Allergen - Pistachio Igg  
F26G Allergen - Pork Igg  
F35G Allergen - Potato Igg  
RF287G Allergen - Red Kidney Bean Igg  
F9G Allergen - Rice Igg  
F5G Allergen - Rye Igg  
F41G Allergen - Salmon Igg  
W11G Allergen - Saltwort, Russian Thistle Igg  
F10G Allergen - Sesame Seed Igg  
M8G Allergen - Setomelanomma Rostrata Igg  
W1G Allergen - Short (common) Ragweed Igg  
F24G Allergen - Shrimp Igg  
F214G Allergen - Spinach Igg  
F44G Allergen - Strawberry Igg  
S51974 Allergen - Sugar Cane Ige [42410s]  
F54G Allergen - Sweet Potato Igg  
S51926 Allergen - Tangerine Ige [142010e]  

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