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S47890 N-myc Amplification [14621x]  
4266 N-telopeptide Serum  
16398 N. meningitidis Antigens, Latex Agglutination  
38007 Nabferon(r) (ifn-b) Neutralizing Antibody Test [112]  
S51263 Nash Fibrosure [550140]  
37088 Natural Killer Cells [37088x]  
34184 Natural Killer Cells, Functional  
S49833 Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Abs [40200]  
11362 Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Rna, Tma, Urogenital  
15033 Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, Tma (alternate Target), Urogenital  
S50601 Neisseria Meningitidis Igg Vaccine Response, Maid [42560]  
92055 Nemaline Myopathy  
91623 Neocerebellar Degeneration Paraneoplastic Prof. W/recombx(r)  
91636 Neocomplete Paraneoplastic Evaluation With Recombx(r)  
91622 Neoencephalitis Paraneoplastic Evaluation W/ Recombx(r)  
93917 Neopterin, Serum [140335]  
2420 Nettle (w20) Ige  
17089 Neurokinin A (substance K)  
93890 Neurology Antibody, Cba Ifa  
93892 Neurology Antibody, Line Blot  
34476 Neuron Specific Enolase (nse)  
90520 Neuron Specific Enolase (nse), Csf  
S51304 Neutrophil Antibody, Flow Cytometry [1606n]  
37523 Neutrophil Function, Oxidative Burst  
93941 Nf1 Sequencing And Deletion/duplication  
36443 Nickel, 24-hour Urine  
S49074 Nickel, Blood [3140b]  
5215 Nickel, Random Urine  
90642 Nicotine And Cotinine, Serum/plasma  
90646 Nicotine And Cotinine, Urine  
90893 Niemann-pick Disease Mutation Analysis  
92394 Nmda Receptor (nr1-subunit) Autoantibody Test [419]  
449 Nonesterified Fatty Acids (free Fatty Acids)  
19098 Norovirus Rna, Qualitative Real-time Pcr  
S50450 Norovirus, Eia (stool) [81106]  
272 Nortriptyline  
1175 Notch3 (cadasil) Sequencing Test  
94503 Novel Psychoactive Subs, Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord [52346uc]  
16818 Nras Mutation Analysis [16818]  
11188 Nt-probnp  
2718 Nutmeg (f282) Ige**  
2507 Oak (t7) Ige  
T7G Oak (t7) IgG  
2807 Oat (f7) Ige  
F7G Oat (f7) IgG  
2750 Oat Grass, False (g204) Ige **  
2622 Octopus (f59) Ige  
1223 Oj Autoantibodies  
70073 Olanzapine  
674 Oligoclonal Bands (igg), Csf  
2509X Olive Tree (t9) Ige  
92701 OmeagCheck  
91001 Omega-3 And -6 Fatty Acids  
36442 Oncomine(tm) Dx Target Test  
2848 Onion (f48) Ige  
F48G Onion (f48) IgG  
S52115 Ontak(r) Sensitivity (cd25) [11237x]  
91894 Opiates Confirmation  
94504 Opiates-free(unconj), Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord [52341uc]  
94486 Opiates-free(unconj)conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord Tissue[52359uc]  
94513 Opiates-free(unconj)conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord Tissue[52391uc]  
93114 Opmd Repeat Expansion Test [300]  
2833 Orange (f33) Ige  
F33G Orange (f33) IgG  
2303 Orchard Grass (cocksfoot) (g3) Ige  
3045 Oregano (f283) Ige**  
35819 Organic Acids, Comprehensive, Quantitative, Urine  
35820 Organic Acids, Limited, Quantitative, Urine  
S40515 Orotic Acid Urine [orot]  
3204U Osmolality 24hr Urine  
3204 Osmolality Serum  
3204UR Osmolality Urine Random  
968 Osmolality, Feces  
16322 Osteocalcin, N-mid  
681 Ova And Parasites, Concentrate And Permanent Smear  
2719 Ovalbumin (f232) Ige  
S51318 Ovarian Antibody Screen With Reflex To Titer [10328x]  
3046 Ovomucoid (f233) Ige  
5390X Oxalate Serum/plasma [3250sp]  
11318 Oxalic Acid, 24-hour Urine Without Creatinine  
10456 Oxalic Acid, Adult, Urine with Creatinine  
36637 Oxcarbazepine Metabolite  
2407 Oxeye Daisy (w7) Ige  
92769 Oxldl  
4176 Oxycodone And Metabolite, Quantitative, Serum  
8932 Oyster (f290) Ige  
S51473 P504s Ihc Stain And Interpretation [19252x]  
36162 P53 Oncoprotein, Ihc With Interpretation  
19254 P63 Oncoprotein, Ihc With Interpretation  
19387 P63 Oncoprotein, Ihc Without Interpretation  
2559 Pacific Squid (f58) Ige  
4696U Pain Management Heroin Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4634U Pain Management Marijuana Metabolite Screen W/confirm, Urine  
4632U Pain Management Marijuana Metabolite, Quant, Urine  
4695U Pain Management Mdma/mda Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
90331 Pain Management Mdma/mda, Quant, Urine  
4694U Pain Management Mdma/mda, Quant, Urine  
4698U Pain Management Meperidine, Quant, Urine  
4642U Pain Management Methadone Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4640U Pain Management Methadone, Quant, Urine  
16892 Pain Management Oxycodone, W/confirmation, Urine  
4654U Pain Management Phencyclidine Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4652U Pain Management Phencyclidine, Quant, Urine  
4690U Pain Management Pregabalin, Quant, Urine  
92451 Pain Management Profile 1 W/confirm, With D/l Isomers, Urine  
92450 Pain Management Profile 1 With Confirmation, Urine  
92466 Pain Management Profile 1, Without Confirmation, Urine  
92453 Pain Management Profile 2 With Confirmation, Urine  
92467 Pain Management Profile 2, Without Confirmation, Urine  
16456 Pain Management Profile 3 W/confirm, W/o Medmatch, Urine  
16854 Pain Management Profile 3 With Confirmation, Urine  
4675U Pain Management Profile 3 Without Confirmation, Urine  
92454 Pain Management Profile 4 With Confirmation, Urine  
92468 Pain Management Profile 4, Without Confirmation, Urine  
90318 Pain Management Profile 5 W/confirm, W/o Medmatch, Urine  
92455 Pain Management Profile 5 W/confirm, With D/l Isomers, Urine  
90348 Pain Management Profile 5 With Confirmation, Urine  
90347 Pain Management Profile 5 Without Confirmation, Urine  
92456 Pain Management Profile 6 With Confirmation, Urine  
92457 Pain Management Profile 7 With Confirmation, Urine  
92489 Pain Management Profile 8 With Confirmation, Urine  
16894 Pain Management Propoxyphene Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4658U Pain Management Propoxyphene Screen W/confirmation, Urine  
4656U Pain Management Propoxyphene, Quant, Urine  
16922 Pain Management Propoxyphene, Quant, Urine  
4352U Pain Management Specimen Validity Test, Urine  
16906 Pain Management Tramadol, Quantitative, Urine  
4680U Pain Management Tricyclic Antidepressants, Quant, Urine  
92142 Pain Management, Alcohol Metabolites, Quant. W/medmatch, Urn  
16910 Pain Management, Alcohol Metabolites, With Confirm,urn  
92484 Pain Management, Amphetamines With D/l Isomers, Quant, W/med  
92222 Pain Management, Amphetamines, No Confirmation, Urine  
91589 Pain Management, Amphetamines, W/conf, With D/l Isomers, Urn  
94032 Pain Management, Antidepressants, with Confirmation, Urine  
94529 Pain Management, Antipsychotics, With Conf, Serum  
92223 Pain Management, Barbiturates, No Confirmation, Urine  
92224 Pain Management, Benzodiazepines, No Confirmation, Urine  
92225 Pain Management, Cocaine Metabolite,no Confirmation,urine  
18946 Pain Management, Cyp450 2d6/2c19 Genotype, Qualitative  
36278 Pain Management, Fentanyl, Screen, Urine  
36280 Pain Management, Fentanyl, With Confirmation, Urine  
92226 Pain Management, Heroin Metabolite, No Confirmation, Urine  
92228 Pain Management, Mdma, No Confirmation, Urine  
90319 Pain Management, Methamphetamine, D/l Isomers, Urin  
90246 Pain Management, Methylphenidate Metabolite, Qn, Urine  
93753 Pain Management, Naltrexone, Quantitative, Urine  
16298 Pain Management, Opiates, Expanded Quantitative, Urine  
92230 Pain Management, Opiates, No Confirmation, Urine  
16891 Pain Management, Opiates, With Confirmation, Urine  
92231 Pain Management, Oxycodone, No Confirmation, Urine  
16920 Pain Management, Oxycodone, Quantitative, Urine  
92232 Pain Management, Phencyclidine, No Confirmation, Urine  
92233 Pain Management, Propoxyphene, No Confirmation, Urine  
91617 Pain Management,cyp450 3a4 Genotype,qualitative  
91618 Pain Management,cyp450 3a5 Genotype,qualitative  
92227 Pain Management,marijuana Metabolite,no Confirmation,urine  
92229 Pain Management,methadone Metabolite, No Confirmation,urine  
92459 Pain Mgmt Prof. 1 W/confirm, With D/l Isomers, W/o Medmatch  
92458 Pain Mgmt Prof. 1 W/confirm, Without Medmatch, Urine  
92461 Pain Mgmt Prof. 2 W/confirm, Without Medmatch, Urine  
92462 Pain Mgmt Prof. 4 W/confirm, Without Medmatch, Urine  
92463 Pain Mgmt Prof. 5 W/confirm, With D/l Isomers, W/o Medmatch  
92464 Pain Mgmt Prof. 6 W/confirm, Without Medmatch, Urine  
92465 Pain Mgmt Prof. 7 W/confirm, Without Medmatch, Urine  
92490 Pain Mgmt Prof. 8 W/confirm, Without Medmatch, Urine  
90079 Pain Mgmt, Alcohol Metab, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70209 Pain Mgmt, Amphetamines, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
91590 Pain Mgmt, Amphetamines, W/conf, W/ D/l Isomers,w/medmatch  
70245 Pain Mgmt, Amphetamines, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70230 Pain Mgmt, Barbiturates, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
70246 Pain Mgmt, Barbiturates, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70231 Pain Mgmt, Benzodiazepines, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
70247 Pain Mgmt, Benzodiazepines, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
93094 Pain Mgmt, Buprenorphine And Naloxone, Qn, Urine  
93093 Pain Mgmt, Buprenorphine W/conf Include Naloxone  
18998 Pain Mgmt, Buprenorphine, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
70249 Pain Mgmt, Buprenorphine, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
18999 Pain Mgmt, Carisoprodol Metab, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
90082 Pain Mgmt, Cocaine Metab, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
70248 Pain Mgmt, Cocaine Metab, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
18996 Pain Mgmt, Fentanyl, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
36279 Pain Mgmt, Fentanyl, W/conf,w/medmatch,u  
70205 Pain Mgmt, Gabapentin, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
90333 Pain Mgmt, Heroin Metab, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
90081 Pain Mgmt, Heroin Metab, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70233 Pain Mgmt, Marijuana Metab, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
18989 Pain Mgmt, Marijuana Metab, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
90334 Pain Mgmt, Mdma/mda, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
90078 Pain Mgmt, Mdma/mda, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70206 Pain Mgmt, Meperidine, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
70234 Pain Mgmt, Methadone, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
18990 Pain Mgmt, Methadone, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
90247 Pain Mgmt, Methylphenidate Metab, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
70237 Pain Mgmt, Opiates Expanded, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
18991 Pain Mgmt, Opiates, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70238 Pain Mgmt, Oxycodone, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
18992 Pain Mgmt, Oxycodone, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
90083 Pain Mgmt, Phencyclidine, Qn, W/medmatch, U  
18993 Pain Mgmt, Phencyclidine, W/conf, W/medmatch, U  
70208 Pain Mgmt, Pregabalin, Qn, W/medmatch, U  

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