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S51068 C-kit Mutation Analysis, Cell Based [19961]  
372 C-peptide  
15843 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 2 Specimens  
15844 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 3 Specimens  
15845 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 4 Specimens  
31345 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 5 Specimens  
15846 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 6 Specimens  
15847 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 7 Specimens  
15848 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 8 Specimens  
15448 C-peptide Response To Glucose, 9 Specimens  
4420 C-reactive Protein (crp)  
17401 C-reactive Protein, High Sensitivity, Csf  
92014 C. Difficile Culture W/reflex To Toxin B, R-t Pcr, Isolate  
297 C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Functional  
298 C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Protein  
S51404 C3a Desarg Fragment [17689x]  
11335 C4 Binding Protein, Serum  
19956 C4a Level By RIA [C4AR]  
S51123 C4d Fragment [4943n]  
3121 Ca 125  
S51476 Ca 125 W/ Hama Treatment [17717x]  
5819 Ca 15-3  
4698 Ca 19-9  
S51847 Ca 19-9, Csf [17417x]  
17643 CA 19-9, Pericardial Fluid  
S51846 Ca 19-9, Peritoneal Fluid [17638x]  
17642 CA 19-9, Pleural Fluid  
29493 Ca 27.29  
17419 Ca 27.29,csf  
2632 Cabbage (f216) Ige  
F216G Cabbage (f216) IgG  
F93G Cacao (Chocolate) (f93) IgG  
92884 Cacna1a Sequencing Test  
36434 Cadmium, 24-hour Urine  
299 Cadmium, Blood  
672 Cadmium, Random Urine  
S46010 Caffeine Stat Serum [305]  
91680 CAH (21-hydroxylase Def.) Common Mutations, Fetal Cells  
14755 CAH (21-hydroxylase Deficiency) Common Mutations  
30742 Calcitonin  
4836U Calcium 24hr Urine  
306 Calcium, Ionized  
14578 Calcium, Random Urine Without Creatinine  
4836 Calcium, Total  
16796 Calprotectin, Stool  
92475 Calreticulin (CALR) Mutation Analysis  
S49729 Campylobacter Jejuni Antibody [42388]  
4475 Campylobacter, Culture  
2542 Canary Bird Feathers (e201) Ige  
2371 Canary Grass (g71) Ige  
90905 Canavan Disease Mutation Analysis  
2705 Candida Albicans (m5) Ige  
30440 Candida Albicans Antibodies (igg, Iga, Igm)(20125)  
34336 Candida Antigen Detection  
90487 Candida Dna, Qualitative Real-time Pcr, Serum  
17270 Candida-induced Lymphocyte Proliferation  
S51482 Cannabinoids [6167]  
91362 Cannabinoids Screen W/reflex To Confirmation, Urine  
94495 Cannabinoids, Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord Tissue [52344uc]  
94511 Cannabinoids, Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord Tissue [52362uc]  
2633 Caraway (carum Carvi)(f265) Ige**  
6071 Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Free  
7933 Carbamazepine and Metabolite, Free/Bound/Total  
18948 Carbamazepine, Free  
329 Carbamazepine, Total  
18869 Carbapenemase Detection, Phenotypic  
S51679 Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin-cong. Disorder (cdg)  
310 Carbon Dioxide  
309 Carboxyhemoglobin, Blood  
2600 Cardamon (elettaria Cardamomum) (f267) Ige**  
90948 Cardio Iq (r) 4q25-af Risk Genotype  
90648 Cardio Iq (r) 9p21 Genotype  
90668 Cardio Iq (r) Cyp2c19 Genotype  
90645 Cardio Iq (r) Kif6 Genotype  
90553 Cardio Iq (r) Lpa Aspirin Genotype  
90655 Cardio Iq (r) Lpa Intron-25 Genotype  
90649 Cardio Iq(r) Apoe Genotype  
92052 Cardio Iq(r) Ascvd Risk Panel With Score  
92063 Cardio Iq(r) Diabetes And Ascvd Risk Panel With Scores  
92026 Cardio Iq(r) Diabetes Risk Panel With Score  
91947 Cardio Iq(r) Glucose  
36509 Cardio Iq(r) Insulin Resistance Panel With Score  
91729 Cardio Iq(r) Lipoprotein (a)  
91604 Cardio Iq(r) Lipoprotein Fractionation, Ion Mobility  
94218 Cardio Iq(r) Lp-pla2 Activity  
92814 Cardio Iq(r) Myeloperoxidase (mpo)  
91739 Cardio Iq(r) Nt-probnp  
91823 Cardio Iq(r) St2, Soluble  
91735 Cardio Iq(r) Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy, Lc/ms/ms  
7352 Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgA, IgG, IgM)  
4662 Cardiolipin Antibodies (igg) [4662]  
36333 Cardiolipin Antibodies (igg, Igm) [36333]  
4661 Cardiolipin Antibody (iga) [4661]  
4663 Cardiolipin Antibody (igm) [4663]  
94496 Carisoprodol And Metab, Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord [52351uc]  
90578 Carisoprodol Screen W/reflex Confirmation  
10625 Carmine/red Dye Cochineal Extract (f340) Ige**  
70107 Carnitine  
2634 Carob (f296) Ige**  
311 Carotene  
2831 Carrot (f31) Ige  
F31G Carrot (f31) IgG  
2853 Casein (f78) Ige  
38100 Casein (f78) Igg  
94398 Cashew Igg4* [54022]  
2608 Cashew Nut (f202) Ige  
94465 Cashew Nut (f202) Ige With Reflex To Component  
F202G Cashew Nut (f202) IgG  
94470 Cashew Nut Component  
92413 Caspr2 Antibody Test [499]  
2751 Castor Bean (k71) Ige  
2601 Cat Dander (e1) Ige  
93382 Cat Serum Albumin (re220) Ige**  
39627 Catecholamines, Fractionated, 24-hour Urine  
314 Catecholamines, Fractionated, Plasma  
5244 Catecholamines, Fractionated, Random Urine  
38267 Catfish (f369) Ige**  
3141 Cathartic Laxatives Profile, Stool (1033st)  
2635 Cauliflower (f291) Ige**  
6399 Cbc (includes Differential And Platelets)  
19150 Cd10, Ihc With Interpretation  
19301 Cd10, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19170 Cd138, Ihc With Interpretation  
19313 Cd138, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19144 Cd1a, Ihc With Interpretation  
19449 Cd1a, Ihc Without Interpretation  
37566 Cd20, Ihc With Interpretation  
19152 Cd20, Ihc Without Interpretation  
40037 Cd21, Ihc With Interpretation  
40016 Cd21, Ihc Without Interpretation  
10024 Cd3, Ihc With Interpretation  
19145 Cd3, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19154 Cd31, Ihc With Interpretation  
19302 Cd31, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19156 Cd34, Ihc With Interpretation  
19303 Cd34, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19146 Cd4, Ihc With Interpretation  
19298 Cd4, Ihc Without Interpretation  
10868 Cd43, Ihc With Interpretation  
19159 Cd43, Ihc Without Interpretation  
15798 Cd45 (leukocyte Common Antigen), Ihc With Interpretation  
19160 Cd45 (leukocyte Common Antigen), Ihc Without Interpretation  
38995 Cd5, Ihc With Interpretation  
19147 Cd5, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19860 Cd57, Cd3, Cd8, Flow Cytometry  
19164 Cd68, Ihc With Interpretation  
19309 Cd68, Ihc Without Interpretation  
19149 Cd8, Ihc With Interpretation  
19300 Cd8, Ihc Without Interpretation  
92568 Cdh1 Sequencing And Deletion/duplication  
93939 Cdkn2a Sequencing And Deletion/duplication  
90153 Cdx2, Ihc With Interpretation  
90203 Cdx2, Ihc Without Interpretation  
978 Cea  
S51387 Cea With Hama Treatment [15018]  
91930 Cea, Carcinoembryonic Antigen, Pancreatic Cyst Fluid  
17420 Cea, Csf  
S52082 Cea, Pericardial Fluid [17605x]  
17421 Cea, Peritoneal Fluid  
S51848 Cea, Pleural Fluid [17584x]  
90812 Cebpa Mutation Analysis  
17572 Cedar (rt212) Ige**  
2860 Celery (f85) Ige  
F85G Celery (f85) IgG  
19955 Celiac Disease Comprehensive Panel  
15981 Celiac Disease Comprehensive Panel, Infant  
12786 Celiac Disease Serology  
S49288 Cell Count + Diff Csf [398]  
S48766 Cell Count + Diff Fluid, Other [20913]  
S50628 Cell Count + Diff Peritoneal Fluid [7709]  
S50629 Cell Count + Diff Pleural Fluid [327]  
S49289 Cell Count + Diff Syn Fl [4562]  
S51683 Cell Culture For Possible Additional Prenatal Studies 10225x  
37400 Cell Surface Marker, Individual [37400x]  
S51755 Cellsearch(r) Circulating Tumor Cells, Breast [16011]  
S52160 Cellsearch(r) Circulating Tumor Cells, Colon [16811]  
S52159 Cellsearch(r) Circulating Tumor Cells, Prostate [16812]  
16088 Centromere B Antibody  
326 Ceruloplasmin  
92068 Cfvantage(r) Cystic Fibrosis Expanded Screen  
3415 Chaetomium Globosum (m208) Ige**  
2858 Cheddar Cheese (f81) Ige  
F81G Cheddar Cheese (f81) IgG  
2859 Cheese Mold Type (f82) Ige  
93940 Chek2 Sequencing And Deletion/duplication  
2609 Cherry (f242) Ige  
2636 Chestnut (sweet) (f299) Ige  
3417 Chestnut (t206) Ige **  
38958 Chick Pea (f309) Ige  
10536 Chicken Droppings (e218) Ige**  
2651 Chicken Feathers (e85) Ige  
2857 Chicken Meat (f83) Ige  
F83G Chicken Meat (f83) IgG  
93383 Chicken Serum Proteins (re219) Ige**  
S52335 Chikungunya Antibodies(igg,igm) With Reflex To Titers[40680]  
S52326 Chikungunya Virus Rna, Qual Rt-pcr [45606]  
91683 Childhood Allergy (Food and Environmental) Panel with Reflexes  
10659 Childhood Allergy(food & Environmental) Profile  
36765 Childhood and Tree Nut Allergy Panel  
36766 Childhood and Tree Nut Allergy Panel with Reflex to Components  

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