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92771 F2-isoprostane/creatinine Ratio  
19199 Factor 13a, Ihc With Interpretation  
19338 Factor 13a, Ihc Without Interpretation  
331 Factor Ii Activity, Clotting [331]  
352 Factor Ix Activity, Clotting [352]  
91053 Factor Ix Antigen  
17900 Factor V (leiden) Mutation Analysis  
344 Factor V Activity, Clotting [344]  
S51402 Factor V Hr2 Allele Dna Mutation Analysis [17902x]  
346 Factor Vii Activity, Clotting [346]  
16049 Factor Viii Activity, Chromogenic  
347 Factor Viii Activity, Clotting  
90879 Factor Viii Antigen  
40083 Factor Viii Inhibitor Panel  
S51373 Factor X Activity, Chromogenic [10663x]  
359 Factor X Activity, Clotting [359]  
360 Factor Xi Activity, Clotting [360]  
362 Factor Xii Activity, Clotting [362]  
S51573 Factor Xiii, Functional [14461x]  
2404 False Ragweed (w4) Ige  
90912 Familial Dysautonomia Mutation Analysis  
94877 Familial Hypercholesterolemia (fh) Panel  
94878 Familial Hypercholesterolemia (fh), Single Site  
92045 Familial Hyperinsulinism  
16141 Familial Mediterranean Fever Mutation Analysis  
16142 Familial Mediterranean Fever Mutation Analysis (ny)  
37161 Family Insight Program  
90897 Fanconi Anemia Dna Mutation Analysis  
16986 Fascin, Ihc Without Interpretation  
90393 Fat Malabsorption (response To Vitamin D2 Supplement)  
S51264 Fatty Acid Profile, Essential (c12-c22), Serum [fapep]  
S47655 Fatty Acid Profile-plasma [0040]  
93209 Fatty Acids Profile, Plasma (ny) [340]  
91121 Febrile Antibodies Panel  
3967 Fecal Fat, Qualitative  
11290 Fecal Globin By Immunochemistry  
3930X Fecal Leukocyte Stain  
S51333 Fecal Lipids, Total [455]  
3081 Felbamate  
2643 Fennel Seed (f219) Ige**  
4302 Fentanyl & Norfentanyl Serum  
4302U Fentanyl & Norfentanyl Urine  
94499 Fentanyl And Metab, Conf, Ql, Umbilical Cord [52354uc]  
93387 Fenugreek (rf305) Ige**  
2545 Ferret Epithelium (e217) Ige**  
3170 Ferritin  
513 Fetal Hemoglobin  
S48614 Fetal Hemoglobin [59139p]  
10232 Fetal Hemoglobin, Amniotic Fluid (ny)  
91931 Fgf-23 (fibroblast Growth Factor 23)  
S51580 Fibrin Monomer [11074x]  
461 Fibrinogen Activity, Clauss [461]  
37801 Fibrinogen Antigen, Nephelometry  
458 Fibrinogen Degredation Products (fdp) [458]  
90923 Fibrinolysis Comprehensive Panel  
23861 Ficus Species (k81) Ige  
11121 Fig (ficus Carica)(f328) Ige**  
34168 Filaria Antibody (igg4)  
15520 Finch Feathers (re214) Ige**  
S49625 Fine Needle, Aspirate [10676]  
2739 Fire Ant (i70) Ige  
2417X Firebush (w17) Ige  
S51559 First Trimester Screening, Hcg [16145]  
S51681 Fish Chromosome 20q Deletion [10055x]  
S51471 Fish X-linked Ichthyosis Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency 14607x  
S51716 Fish, All, Pre-b Panel [40052x]  
90511 Fish, All, Tcf3/pbx1, T(1;19)(q23.3;p13.3)  
S51694 Fish, All, Tel/aml1 Translocation 12,21 [14618x]  
S51704 Fish, All/nhl, Myc-ba, 8q24 Rearrangement [14706x]  
S51682 Fish, Aml, Aml1/eto Translocation 8,21 [10106x]  
S51697 Fish, Angelman [14608x]  
S52098 Fish, B-cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Panel [16864]  
S51709 Fish, B-cell Malignancy, Igh, 14q32 Rearrangement  
S51710 Fish, Burkitts/nhl/all, Igh/myc, T(8;14)[17352x]  
40047 Fish, Chromosome-specific Probe (x1), Follow-up Study  
S51703 Fish, Chromosome-specific Probe [14654x]  
S51686 Fish, Cml/all, Bcr/abl Translocation 9,22 [12070x]  
S51698 Fish, Cri Du Chat [14614x]  
S51699 Fish, Digeorge, Velocardiofacial (vcfs)[14610x]  
90517 Fish, Fgfr1, 8p11-12  
S51708 Fish, Follicular Lymphoma, Igh/bcl2, T(14;18)[17347x]  
S51696 Fish, Her-2/neu, Paraffin Block [14620x]  
91606 Fish, High-grade Lymphoma Panel  
S51724 Fish, Kallman [14615x]  
17355 Fish, Locus-specific Probe (x1)  
14656 Fish, Locus-Specific Probe (x2)  
10451 Fish, Locus-Specific Probe (x3)  
S51717 Fish, Malt Lymphoma, Malt1, 18q21 Rearrangement [40053x]  
S51707 Fish, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, Igh/ccndi, T(11;14)[17346x]  
S51714 Fish, Mds/myeloid Panel, -5,5q-, -7/7q-, +8,20q [19799x]  
S52423 Fish, Melanoma, Deletion 9p21 (cdkn 2a/p16) [16863]  
91283 Fish, Met Amplification  
S51700 Fish, Miller-dieker [14612x]  
S51715 Fish, Mll (11q23) Gene Rearrangement [36055x]  
16872 Fish, Multiple Myeloma, Igh/fgfr3,t(4;14)  
16965 Fish, Multiple Myeloma, Igh/maf,t(14;16)  
92497 Fish, Myeloma, 17p-, Rea 14q32 With Reflexes  
92495 Fish, Myeloma, Chromosomes Cep 9, 11, 15  
92496 Fish, Myeloma, Igh Panel (mafb, Maf, Fgfr3, Ccnd1)  
90665 Fish, Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (eosinophilia)  
S51628 Fish, Oligodendroglioma, 1p/19q [16115x]  
90510 Fish, Pdgfrb, 5q33.1  
S51721 Fish, Prader Willi [14605x]  
S51692 Fish, Prenatal Screen [14604x]  
S51701 Fish, Smith-magenis [14611x]  
S51720 Fish, Sry/x Centromere [14606x]  
90513 Fish, T-cell Receptor Alpha/delta, 14q11.2  
90512 Fish, Tcl1, 14q32.1  
S51722 Fish, William's [14609x]  
S51702 Fish, Wolf-hirschhorn [14613x]  
S51723 Fish, X-linked Ichthyosis Steroid Sulfatase Deficiency  
S51695 Fish, X/y, Post Opposite Sex Bone Marrow Transplant [14619x]  
S51693 Fish,aml M3, Pml/rara,translocation 15,17 [14617x]  
S51685 Fish,aml,cbfb/myh11, Inversion 16 [10635x]  
S52358 Fish,hes/leukemia,4q12 Rearrangement(fip1l1-pdgfra) [16837]  
S51718 Fish,malt Lymph,malt1,rea18q21 W/ap12/malt1,t(11;18)[40057x]  
11011 Flaxseed (f333) Ige**  
5309 Flecainide  
S51457 Flounder (sas) Ige [23893]  
90574 Flt3 Itd And Tkd Mutation  
94097 Fluconazole  
S52595 Flucytosine, Serum/plasma (2085sp)  
18964 Flunitrazepam And Metabolites, Qn, Serum  
4480U Flunitrazepam And Metabolites, Quantitative, Urine  
S42250 Fluoride Random Urine [37402x]  
8389 Fluoxetine  
92021 Fluphenazine, Serum/plasma [2115sp]  
467 Folate, Rbc  
466 Folate, Serum  
2020 Follicle-stimulating Hormone & Luteinizing Hormone Eval  
S52506 Follicular Lymphoma, Bcl-2/jh T(14;18), R-t Pcr Cb [15007x]  
S52422 Follicular Lymphoma, Bcl-2/jh T(14;18), R-t Pcr, Cb [15007x]  
S52120 Fondaparinux Sodium (xa Inhibition) [16103x]  
91682 Food Allergy Panel with Reflexes  
10715 Food Allergy Profile  
36762 Food And Tree Nut Allergy Panel  
36763 Food And Tree Nut Allergy Panel With Reflex To Components  
14788 Food Specific Igg Allergy (adult) Panel  
14791 Food Specific Igg Allergy (pediatric) Panel  
29496 Food Specific Igg Allergy Panel 1  
37334 Food Specific Igg Allergy Panel 2  
17075 Formaldehyde/formalin (k80) Ige **  
2558 Foxtail Millet (f56) Ige  
16300 Fragile X Dna Analysis, Fetus  
S49835 Francisella Tularensis Ab [40995]  
1760 Free Kappa & Lambda, With K/l Ratio, Serum  
S52121 Free Kappa & Lambda, With K/l Ratio, Urine [11233x]  
S48586 Free Progesterone Profile  
8340 Fructosamine  
S49174NY Fructose Semen [12432] [ny]  
29812 Fructose, Semen  
470 Fsh (follicle Stimulating Hormone)  
36087 Fsh (follicle Stimulating Hormone), Pediatrics  
36176 Fsh And Lh, Pediatrics  
2104 Fta-abs  
5633 Fungal Identification (dimorphic) By Dna Probe  
39489 Fungal Identification, Molds  
8627 Fungal Stain  
16283 Fungitell(r) (1-3)-b-d-glucan Assay  
36327 Fungitell(r) (1-3)-b-d-glucan Assay, Endpoint  
5779W Fungus Culture: Yeast Screen - Whole Blood Or Bone Marrow  
5779M Fungus Culture: Yeast Screen- Miscellaneous  
S49313 Fungus Susceptibility Custom Drug Mic-natamycin [51610]  
S49145 Fungus Susceptibility Custom Mic - Lamisil  
6696 Fusarium Moniliforme (m9) Ige  

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