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2730 Rabbit (f213) Ige  
2654 Rabbit Epithelia (e82) Ige  
2548 Rabbit serum proteins (Re206) IgE**  
2617 Rabbit urine (e211) IgE**  
91810 Rabies Rffit Serology End Point Titer  
S52235 Rabies Vaccine Response End-Point Titer  
92672 Raji Cell Immune Complex Assay  
10481 Rape Seed (rf316) Ige**  
3486 Rape weed (w203) IgE**  
94960 Rapid Dementia Antibody Evaluation with Reflex to Titer and Line Blot, CSF  
94957 Rapid Dementia Antibody Evaluation with Reflex to Titer and Line Blot, Serum  
2503 Rapid Respiratory Virus Culture  
16128 RAS Mutation Analysis, Cell-Based [16128]  
90479 RAS Mutation Analysis, Thyroid Cancer [90479]  
26281 Raspberry (Rf343) IgE**  
2538 Rat (e87) Ige  
2659 Rat Epithelia (e73) Ige  
6778 Rat Serum Proteins (e75) Ige  
2660 Rat Urine Proteins (e74) Ige  
17364 RBC Fragility - Incubated  
4674 Recombx® Amphiphysin Autoantibody Test  
1718 Recombx® Amphiphysin Autoantibody Test (Autoimmune Rapidly Progressive Dementia)  
4684 Recombx® CAR (Anti-Recoverin) Autoantibody Test  
4681 Recombx® CV2 Autoantibody Test  
1717 Recombx® CV2 Autoantibody Test (Autoimmune Rapidly Progressive Dementia)  
4683 Recombx® MaTa Autoantibody Test  
1716 Recombx® MaTa Autoantibody Test (Autoimmune Rapidly Progressive Dementia)  
4689 Recombx® Zic4 Autoanitobdy Test  
93394 Red currant (Rf322) IgE**  
3052 Red Kidney Bean (f287) Ige**  
2309 Red Top Grass (g9) Ige  
S52564 Reducing Substances, Feces (5022X)  
5314 Renal Function Panel  
S51363 Reptilase Clotting Time [37700X]  
S50479 Resin T3 Uptake, Serum  
10643 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region I  
10644 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Ii  
10285 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Iii  
10286 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Iv  
10650 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Ix  
10646 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region V  
10647 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Vi  
10648 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Vii  
10649 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Viii  
10651 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region X  
10653 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xi  
10654 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xii  
10655 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xiii  
10668 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xiv  
10669 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xv  
10657 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xvi  
10658 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xvii  
10673 Respiratory Allergy Profile Region Xviii  
5291 Respiratory Syncytial Virus (rsv) Antigen, Dfa  
95512 Respiratory Viral Panel, PCR  
2425 Respiratory Virus Panel, DFA  
93796 Ret Sequencing And Deletion/duplication  
90473 RET/PTC Rearrangement, Thyroid Cancer  
93324 Retest Folate, Rbc  
16530 Reticulin Antibody (IgG) Screen With Reflex to Titer  
37520 Reticulin IgA Screen with Reflex to Titer  
S51362 Retinol Binding Protein [791X]  
15088 Rett Syndrome Sequence Analysis  
906665 Rflx Hiv-1 Coreceptor Tropism W/rfx To Ultradeep Sequencing  
91472 Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnostic IdentRA® Panel 2  
92812 Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnostic Identra® Panel 4  
1540 Rheumatoid Factor  
15682 Rheumatoid Factor (IgA)  
19705 Rheumatoid Factor (IgA, IgG, IgM)  
15683 Rheumatoid Factor (IgG)  
17743 Rheumatoid Factor (IgM)  
15384 Rheumatoid Factor Screen with Reflex to Titer, Synovial Fluid  
S51849 Rheumatoid Factor, CSF [17407X]  
40035 Rhinovirus RNA, RT-PCR [47660]  
6781 Rhizopus Nigricans (m11) Ige  
10140 Ri Antibody Screen w/Reflex to Titer and Western Blot  
90121 Ri Antibody Screen with Rflx to Titer and Western Blot, CSF  
34283 Ribosomal P Antibody  
2809 Rice (f9) Ige  
37507 Rickettsia Antibody Panel With Reflex to Titers  
15332 Rickettsia conorii Antibody Panel, IFA  
7876 Rickettsia rickettsii & R. typhi IgG & IgM Antibodies Evaluation  
7876C Rickettsia rickettsii & R. typhi IgG & IgM Antibodies Evaluation CSF  
7871 Rickettsia rickettsii & R. typhi IgG Antibodies Evaluation  
7881 Rickettsia rickettsii & R. typhi IgM Antibodies Evaluation  
70191 Rickettsia Rickettsii Dna, Real-time Pcr  
7896 Rickettsia rickettsii IgG & IgM Antibodies  
7896C Rickettsia rickettsii IgG & IgM Antibodies CSF  
7886C Rickettsia rickettsii IgG Abs CSF  
7886 Rickettsia rickettsii IgG Antibodies  
7891C Rickettsia rickettsii IgM Abs CSF  
7891 Rickettsia rickettsii IgM Antibodies  
7911 Rickettsia typhi IgG & IgM Antibodies  
7911C Rickettsia typhi IgG & IgM Antibodies CSF  
7901C Rickettsia typhi IgG Abs CSF  
7901 Rickettsia typhi IgG Antibodies  
7906C Rickettsia typhi IgM Abs CSF  
7906 Rickettsia typhi IgM Antibodies  
S47460 Rickettsia typhii IgG [41010]  
37478 Rickettsial Disease Panel  
S52597 Rifampin, Level (RIFH)  
4141 Risperidone and Metabolite  
4459 Ristocetin Cofactor (4459X)  
S52538 Rituxan Sensitivity (CD20) [10981X]  
S52032 RNA Polymerase III Antibody [19899X]  
19887 RNP Antibody  
91155 ROMA™ (Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm)  
706 Rotavirus Antigen Detection  
2416 Rough marsh elder (w16)  
2414X Rough Pigweed (w14) Ige  
799 RPR (Monitor) with Reflex to Titer  
16047 RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) RNA, Qualitative Real-Time PCR  
S50347 RSV Abs [40830]  
4422 Rubella Antibody (igm)  
802 Rubella Immune Status  
16730 Rubella virus RNA, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR  
16296 Rufinamide  
2411 Russian Thistle (w11) Ige  
2805 Rye (f5) Ige  

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